We design and/or produce individual obstacles representing your venue, country, region, event or occasion. Our experience started with the World Equestrian Games in Aachen 2006. Since then, we designed and delivered for countless events throughout Europe and Asia.

The Aachen Stamp Wall

World Equestrian Games

Aachen 2006

Magdolna Erdélyi's design,  built by Cardinali & Rothenberger GmbH

An example how to present your city, region or country as an obstacle.

Kayak - A birthday present 

to Mario Hoffmann

Designed by Christa Heibach, painted by the late Werner Melech and built by Equime Design 

Katarina Kvassayova presented this obstacle to Mario Hoffmann, owner of X-Bionic Sphere, Samorin, as a tribute to his European Champion title in canoeing, presenting it on his 46th birthday.

Viennese Waltz

A tribute to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

Samorin, now in Slovakia, once part of the Monarchy, started to develop its famous and unique stock of obstacles with traditional motives of the monarchy. Designed and produced by Equime Design.

Happy Birthday!

to Christian Schranz

53 members of Team Lassee (Austria) contributed to the purchase of this obstacle to Christian Schranz for his birthday. At the well organized surprise presentation all members signed the plank with acryl pen. 

Hrvatski Konjicki Festival 

Zagreb AS Arena 2018

The winner took this obstale home

Specially built for Hrvatski Konjicki Festival, this obstacle was presented by Ante Simlesa and his family to the winner of the Saturday night bullride competition.

An obstacle for Balázs Bence, vaulting European Champion

At the Equestrian Academy of Kaposvár, Hungary

Balázs Bence, vaulting European Champion in junior category, received an obstacle from his club as an acknowledgement of his great success.

Lookout tower of Kiskunhalas

A popular tourist attraction in the arena

Located at Sóstó lake, the lookout tower of Kiskunhalas became an obstacle in the international arena of the city. Designed and produced by Equime Design.


MOSQUITOS  - Attractive or not... the area of the city of Osijek, Croatia is famous for its strong efforts to fight the spread of mosquitos at the great moorland of the Drava river. 

EU  This design of Christa Heibach in our production is one of the most representative obstacles in Samorin.

THE RUBIK CUBE  - this decorative obstacle is a tribute to the world famous cube, invented by Hungarian Ernő Rubik.

THE BRIDGE WALL OF SAMORIN - Christa Heibach's design, our production.